Saturday, May 5, 2012

I Visited Eternity Today

I Visited Eternity Today

Today was a beautiful, sunny and damp spring day. My wife, I and Ali (my doggie) went for a drive. We went to see my grandson Damiano. I had not visited him for a couple of months, but the little fella is always on the back of my mind. He was born still-born almost a year ago. His final resting place is surrounded by other deceased infants and young children. There is a beautiful old maple lazily hanging over his plot. The trees were in blossom, the grass was growing and the flowers were blooming. When we arrived it was apparent that eternity had drawn more and more of humanity to its grounds. The cemetery area where Damiano has been laid to rest almost a year ago, was now filled with more of life’s casualties.

Eternity is a peaceful place. My wife and I always visit our departed family. We kiss their gravestones, bring flowers, say a prayer, reminisce and then say good-bye. My hunch is that eternity is where you go to remember and reflect on life. It is a place that reminds you of who you were, who you are and ultimately, who you will be. The experience makes you contemplate on your own final resting place and death.

Whether it is a stone marker, a beautifully carved monument or crypt, at the end of the day, the grandeur of your headstone makes no difference. For the most part, you are buried amongst strangers and hopefully a few loved ones. Somehow, the dead all get along. Other than Mother Nature tampering with the landscaping, there are no wars, no hungry children, no arguments and the economy is pretty stable.

I don’t think Jesus visits many cemeteries. He’s not into skull and bones garbed in their finest attire. Our material resting place is our terrestrial marker – a place where the living can glance at a headstone and ponder who is buried under all that earth. Then perhaps ask a few questions, like, what did that person accomplish in life or how did they die. In most cases, we can still read the names and dates of those who have died, but with the passage of time, even that little information will fade. Our earthly remains will become anonymous to everyone but God, and all those who accompany God through eternity.

One day I hope to see my little Damiano. I will ask him why he decided to leave us so soon. I will do with him in eternity what I could not do in life. The message for everyone is such that we must not give up on each other in life. Eternally remembering why we failed is too long a period of time.

Finché noi ci incontreremo di nuovo il mio piccolo Damiano, Ciao Nonno e Nonna
Joseph Pede

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