Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Money and Numbers: A New World Order Lesson for Dummies

Money and Numbers: A New World Order Lesson for Dummies

There are two reasons why the Globalists are pressing for an end-time crescendo:

Money and derivatives – The debt load which has blanketed the world can no longer be sustained. Derivatives in almost all cases sit as assets on all major bank and multi-national balance sheets. These amounts in essence have no realizable value – the values exceed any reasonable surrender value. While banks/corporations have legitimized derivatives and propped-up their financial net-worth, the corresponding creditors remains a mystery. We know most sovereign countries have insurmountable debt, but the amalgam of these totals do not total in the quadrillions or quintillions of dollars. To understand accounting you must understand that for every asset there is a corresponding liability. You must further realize that derivatives are really one-sided entries. Any sensible information about the corresponding liability is not available in any public domain. These invisible assets have provided a great deal of wealth and “power” to a very select few individuals. They would rather destroy the world, than to surrender that power. These are really sick people. I have explained who they are.

Numbers – The numbers are you and me. The Globalists feel the planet is over-populated. In reality, the entire population of the planet Earth could inhabit Australia without any problems. This would leave the rest of the world to flourish. We do not have a population problem, we a numerical problem - seven billion dummies versus a few hundred thousand Globalists. These are not winning odds. So they employ war, religion, hate, pandemic, disease and every evil known to man to destroy us and divide us.

Do you get it now? and Thank you,
Joseph Pede

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