Sunday, May 6, 2012

The Silent One - India and Pakistan

The Silent One

The Globalists have had their hand in the following, a) Fukushima Nuclear Disaster, b) Conflict between North and South Korea, c) Syria versus NATO, d) Iran versus Israel, e) China versus the USA, f) Renewed cold war between Russia and the USA, g) Arab Spring, h) East China Sea territorial conflicts between the Philippines, China and Vietnam, i) Post-war chaos in Egypt and Libya, j) The gradual demise of the EURO and U.S. dollar, and k) disease pandemic.

None of the above have sparked real global chaos as yet. There may be something no one has considered as yet - conflict between Pakistan and India

Pakistan is the ancestral home of Al Qaida (fathered by the CIA), fully borders Afghanistan, the victim of continuous U.S. drone attacks and a geo-political partner of China. While Pakistan and India are well endowed with nuclear power, water may be the stone that breaks the camel’s back. Not to mention that India has about six times the population of India. Al Qaida will be newsworthy as the year progresses.

Pakistan population 180,000,000
India population 1,200,000,000

At issue are Pakistan’s concerns over India’s ongoing construction of two hydroelectric dams on the upper reaches of the Indus River. Islamabad is concerned that the 45 megawatt, 190-foot tall Nimoo-Bazgo concrete dam and the 44 megawatt Chutak hydroelectric power project will reduce the Indus River’s flow towards Pakistan, as they are capable of storing up to 4.23 billion cubic feet of water, violating the terms of the bilateral 1960 Indus Water Treaty. The Indus, which begins in Indian-controlled Kashmir, is crucial to both India and Pakistan, but is currently experiencing water flows down 30 percent from its normal levels. The Indus is Pakistan’s primary freshwater source, on which 90 percent of its agriculture depends. According to a number of Pakistani agriculture and water experts, the nation is heading towards a massive water shortage in the next couple of years due to insufficient water management practices and storage capacity, which will be exacerbated by the twin Indian hydroelectric projects, as they will further diminish the Indus’ flow.

So, if push comes to shove, who’s got Pakistan’s back? The answer is China.

During the Boao Forum for Asia, on China’s southern Hainan island on 1 April, Pakistan and China agreed to support each other “in all circumstances” and vowed to uphold their sovereignty and territorial integrity at all costs. Pakistani Prime Minister Syed Yousuf Raza Gilani told Chinese Executive Vice Premier Li Keqiang, “China’s friend is our friend, and China’s enemy is ours,” adding Pakistan considers China’s security as its own security and supports China’s position on Taiwan, Tibet and Xinqiang. Li replied that China would support Pakistan’s sovereignty and territorial integrity in every situation, telling Gilani, “No matter what changes take place at the international level, we will uphold Pakistan’s sovereignty and territorial integrity.”

Can the USA’s interventionist and militaristic actions in Pakistan spark global war?

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