Saturday, May 12, 2012

Waiting for

Waiting for

The absurdity in waiting for a fictional character whose existence may be drawn into question, versus waiting for a cryptic character whose narrative makes knowing Him problematic, may be the same thing.

The absurd is only absurd if in its manifestation there exists an experiential moment where you feel existence is absurd. The realization that you are absurd in not seeing the absurd makes absurdity truly profound. It is only in the absurd that we can attempt to understand the complexity of God.

Here is the latest in the absurd:

Prince Charles and his canine Camilla are reported to be on the outs. Yes Henry VIII is screaming across the centuries....divorce, divorce. First the royals plotted to remove Diana from the living, now they plan Camilla's exorcism. If this is not absurd, then what do you think of Charles and Camilla doing the BBC's weather forecast? Charles ended his meteorological debut by saying "Thank God it's not a Bank holiday"!

The weather landscape in Scotland was dotted by the numbers 7, 8, 9 and 10 and several numbers indicating wind speed. Charles calmly spoke of cool temperatures complimented by rain and a bit a snow. Could these same numbers represent dates in June or July when there really will be a Bank holiday or false-flag event. This was not a public relations stint. The royals have something up their arses!

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Joseph Pede

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