Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Awake, Awake

Awake, Awake

Awake, awake my little sheep
The Almighty is summoning you from your laborious sleep
Cleanse those tired crust-filled eyes
Look-up to observe the warnings of the cloud-baked skies

Nebula visages proclaim a message of doom
Among the cumulus the fate of humanity will one day loom
The sun is a rage with wrath and ire
Angels are stoking and readying God’s angry fire

Distant stars weep as they reflect on “Our” cycle of death
Saddened that Man must once again perish with an unsuspecting last breathe
Celestial bodies bring warnings from a neighbor far away
The message; Earthlings, hold hands and learn how to pray

Awake, awake my slumbering sheep
Are you ready to utter your last prophetic peep
The Quintessence that fills the universe beyond the Earth
Impatiently awaits the dawning of your souls’ ultimate birth.

Thank you,
Joseph Pede

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