Sunday, June 17, 2012

Does God Exist?

Does God Exist?

Do not believe in God, if it is easier to accept life without Him. Continue on your journey of indifference and let evil infest every strand of your moral and ethical DNA.

We accept the fact that evil exists, but we question not its true nature, essence and origin. If God does not exist, then why does evil exist? Is evil the mechanism by which our survival instinct is triggered? Are we in fact defending, killing and willingly dying for an inconsequential moment? If so, then fighting for existence yields no reward. It is a temporal reaction to an infinitely re-occurring and finite predicament.

Is it fair to conclude that existence is a random situation, and that evil, for lack of a better name, is the stimulus that maintains our orderly biological ecosystem? Could evil be Mother Nature? Nature, if you examine closely, is the very force which manipulates our chemical existence. If so, we may conclude that we are all as the monster Frankenstein – a perpetually evolving manifestation of the periodic table.

Now try and imagine the infinite chemical compositions that are possible. How has one formula, whose outcome is Mankind, managed to stand the test of time? Why has a tiger, an ant or elephant not acquired our same level of intellectual sophistication? Is there a component which differentiates the different Frankenstein creations in nature?

Perhaps it is intellect. We can conclude that intelligence is something that is acquired through habit and experience, and then stored in memory? If so, then why have we not learned that evil is survival’s momentary gratification. If we have not stored this realization in our memory, then we may also conclude that we are stupid. So, does God exist?

Thank you,
Joseph Pede

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