Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Prime Minister Stephen Harper – A Member of the Stepford Wives

Prime Minister Stephen Harper – A Member of the Stepford Wives

Politicians and educators pontificate that “knowledge defeats fear”. Then why do they find it necessary to suppress free speech, free thought and question those who seek to expose the true nature of our political leaders? Who gave them the right to make constitutional decisions which undermine our national interests? Who gave them the right to represent the people of Canada in illegal wars, murder and genocide? Libya and Egypt were exactly that and Syria may soon be. My hope is that Russia and China kick the English monarchy and the parade of globalists from here to Kingdom come. Perhaps one day soon, the people of this planet may live in peace and the doctrine of English Colonialism will be employed to make slaves of the blood-thirsty aristocrats who crave the smell of blood.

Today, an article on MSN queried whether or not it would be wise to have the NDP and Liberal Parties of Canada unite in an attempt to oust PM Stephen Harper. If you have not learned the lesson yet, I will repeat it for you. The two-party political system is a corrupt form of government. We should be striving to “eliminate” all party allegiances and have elected members of parliament represent the people, not the concubine of Satan or a Stepford Wife of the globalist agenda.

While politicians have the right intentions when seeking political office, they soon become the victims of a sinister cabal. Allegiance to a political party only heightens the possibility of membership in that cabal. Look at the newly elected Premier of Alberta, Alison Redford - already a tea-toddling member of the Bilderberg Group. This is no surprise; the Globalists have plans for, and want control of Alberta’s oil production and distribution. Redford no longer represents the people of Alberta, but rather the globalist oil cartel (Elizabeth and Beatrix).

2012 should be a year to remember because history has already made it a prophetic year. This should be a year where Mankind eradicates globalists, elitists, freemasons, bankers, Zionists, monarchies and any structure which purports to be an organization (these are bee hives for corruption and thievery). They breed the very people we need to eliminate from our future.

Thank you,
Joseph Pede

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