Sunday, June 10, 2012



So my dear friends, Spain has been awarded a 100 billion EURO bailout - this to stem another banking crisis. Spanish banks, in all likelihood, require a 300 – 500 billion EURO bailout to keep the Spanish and European Union afloat. Germany, the Herculean economy, will soon see its economy start to crumble and decay. The nations which gave Germany financial leverage will soon become Prussia’s balls and chains. There is a Reich and there is a wRong!

This ongoing saga of debt will precipitate a major false flag event. Depositors who are withdrawing their money from European banks are the stimulus for this upcoming drama. The aftermath of these actions will have major consequences for the banking community. Recent bank reforms require banks to maintain higher capital standards and ratios. By extracting deposits, a bank’s capital requirements will be lessened, but their debt load will not decrease. Their inability to service that debt will become an insurmountable burden, as well as the associated liquidity problems (i.e. because of diminishing deposits). Continued extraction of the money supply may pull the plug on the entire banking system. Ole, the “dee bull” is no longer the under-dog!

The Devil is Doing the Watusi

Good morning my dear old friends
Are you paying attention to the financial trends
Stock markets prolong their upward climb
Banks continue to print their money, just in time
Politicians write the laws to make it all legal
The Devil is doing the Watusi with all those regal

Good evening my dear old friend
It is just you and me until the bitter end
Humanity unknowingly fell prey to a downward spiral
Banks deployed debt as the intoxicating gyral-viral
The royals blessed the culling in Satan’s court
God disappointed His experiment failed miserably short.

Thank you,
Joseph Pede

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