Monday, June 18, 2012

The Walls and Everything Else Have Ears!

The Walls and Everything Else Have Ears!

They listen to our phone conversations, monitor our internet activity and now they will be listening to what we have to say at airports and border patrol stations. This was posted today:

According to a PostMedia News report, airports and border crossings across Canada are being wired with high-definition cameras and microphones that can eavesdrop on your conversations.

At Canada's largest airports, listening devices will be limited to "controlled areas" which include the areas surrounding aircraft that have arrived in or are about to leave Canada, the primary inspection area where all travellers must report to a border services officer, the secondary inspection area where border services officers conduct further examinations of travellers and goods as well as certain holding and departure areas at the airport.

An audit conducted by Canada's privacy commissioner Jennifer Stoddart last November, found that CBSA officials were doing a poor job securing private information.

As 'Big Brother' widens its reach, maybe the best advice for Canadian travelers is to just stay silent.

This continued erosion of our civil liberties and privacy rights are being attacked at all fronts by the Harper government. Harper must GO! This man is establishing a Fascio-Monarchist hegemony that will soon see Canada entrapped in a wall of fear. Our goal should be to contain political corruption, not see it thrive. Our goal is to defend democracy, not let some globalist agenda destroy it. The noose is tightening around our necks – where are the civil liberties groups and where are the opposition parties?

If sound sensing equipment is ready to be activated, the likelihood is that this technology has been active for years and has been deployed in many public environments. They are attacking free speech and free thought. Do you remember Communist Russia and China? Well Canada is becoming that new communism. Get rid of the queen!

What next, Bill squeals on Roger, and Roger goes to jail for exposing government corruption? Canadians, just for the record, we have a “Constitution and a Bill of Rights” – Harper is putting a match to it.

Thank you,
Joseph Pede

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