Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Andrew D. Basiago - Jump Rooms and Nibiru

Andrew D. Basiago - Jump Rooms and Nibiru

This commentary is simply a footnote to record my today’s email message to Andrew. Andrew’s history, for those of you who are unfamiliar with it, is simply mind-bending. I would urge everyone to listen to his experiences with “jump rooms”, Mars and “Barry”.

Here is what I asked Andrew via email today:

Hi Andrew:

Thank you once again for responding. You know that it is difficult to stop asking questions of someone who was directly involved in time travel. I will pose some additional questions. You need not reply if time is a constraint.

1. What is your opinion on the third secret of Fatima?
2. Last year I write a poem in which I broke down the word NIBIRU into three components. Specifically NI (Nickel), BI (Bismuth) and RU (Ruthenium). I felt the name of the planet had some special alchemical message. Bismuth I have learned is a key element in time travel technolgy. Do you have an opinion on my finding and what can you tell me about bismuth?
3. Based on my interpretation of what you have said, it appears that "jump runs or portals" can be constructed anywhere? Is this a correct statement or do "jump rooms" have to be constructed within certain energy or geological fields?

Hopefully, I will be delighted with a response. Andrew, will you be visiting or speaking in Toronto at any time? Would love to hear you. If and when you become President I would love to receive an autographed letter and an invitation for dinner at the White House. LOL



Below are shown Andrew's responses to the questions above:


1. I edited and brought into English a leading trilogy of writings about Fatima. To answer your questions, consider purchasing The Fatima Trilogy.

2. "Nibiru" is not an anagram for the three metals that you cite but the ancient word from which "Hebrew" was derived. So your notion, while creative, is not historically valid. I disagree with this statement. I disagree with Andrew's position on this matter. My belief is that man's early alien history is summarized in the Sumerian Tablets. The Hebrews plagiarized virtually all of the ancient wisdom.

3. The Tesla teleporter can be placed anywhere on the surface of the Earth and turned on and it works. I don't know about the jump rooms that we used to get to Mars. Maybe, maybe not.


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