Thursday, July 26, 2012

Banking Footnote

Banking Footnote

Western banks have become fee-based robbers whose illicit investment strategies have been protected by shadow governments. The mega-banks have the political protection to reposition large amounts of capital at will. Large capital flows enable very few financial decision-makers to shift economic activity from city to city, country to country and continent to continent. These shifts do not take into consideration the sociological or economic consequences on the impacted populations. The shifts are greed based moves to maximize return on investment and avoid taxation, nothing else. The profits translate into huge bonuses for CEO’s and their entire family of pimps.

Because fees are a major source of revenue for banks, interest rates have been kept surreptitiously low. Hence, banking investment income is essentially risk-free. This collusion between the central and chartered banks is no different than price-fixing or criminal combines activity.

By having low interest rates the banks have forced individual investors to seek prosperity in the uncertain and volatile capital markets. The latter markets are algorithmically controlled forums where large investors swallow the remains of private investor savings. This form of investor “entrapment” is how the elite have managed to perpetrate financial crimes with impunity.

No banker or financial wizard is worth the millions of dollars he/she pockets. These people are thieves. Their fraudulent activity is unknowingly protected by an apathetic and unresponsive public. Ultimately, the banking system has become the means by which embezzled money flows from market to market, and the financial centers are where unsanitary financial imaginations have been given permission to act without fear of prosecution.

The Middle-East destabilization agenda was the second greatest financial rape of this decade, and a repeat of the medieval Crusades. Libya, Iraq, Afghanistan, Egypt and the chaos that continues to ensue in other Middle=Eastern countries is none more than unjustifiable financial thievery. They are employing every method possible to disguise the financial Armageddon that they have created for humanity.

Thank you,
Joseph Pede

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