Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Bio-Engineering is not Enlightenment

Bio-Engineering is not Enlightenment

The knowledge that we presume to discover is already there. We seek to prolong the useful life of our infinitely-challenged fleshy suit rather than expand the limitless boundaries of our dimensional and spiritual capacity. The perfection of human life will not be achieved through the de-codification of the GENOM or via the application of esoteric knowledge on the bowels of Mother Nature.

The science of modern times is the same science which engineered the destruction of Mankind through the ages. The technology guarded by our ancestors was and is a perverted sacred knowledge - perverted by power and greed. The architects of the New World Order are the designers of repetitive failure. They seek to experiment with God’s creation not to glorify God. Because we lack the capacity to understand the simplicity of creation, we will be drawn into its perpetually destructive nature.

DARPA, Wet-Ware and Santium robots are terms and organizations whose technology attempts to make human life subordinate to technology. Technology is the mutation, or the missing link, that Darwin failed to grasp because the technology that altered human life was a stranger to his times. That time has once again come full circle.

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Joseph Pede


The following is an example of man-made hate and corruption and a major reason why the banking system should be abolished. The TD Bank, whose executives were major Bilderberg attendees having done the following:

Kaveh Shahrooz, vice-president of the Iranian Canadian Council, says TD Canada Trust has closed bank accounts of several Iranian-Canadian clients.

These are Canadians folks!

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