Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Crime and Punishment

Crime and Punishment

We have arrived at a point in time where the punishment no longer fits the crime. The political and corporate elite have found safety in what is now referred to as an “inquiry, board, hearing or committee”. The financial and human genocide being waged by the various banking, military, political and corporate elitists “must” be put to an end. The individuals who steer this chaos must be hung in every sacred temple across this globe. Their remains must rot high atop the rafters, for all eternity, as a reminder to all, that evil co-exists within God’s creation.

The elite are using planet Earth as an altar to sacrifice human beings to their satanic God. It is time humanity incarcerates each and every one of these masonic devils and sacrifices them to our God. In this action, God will not condemn us, He will understand. We must start dispensing God’s law, because the courts and our government leaders no longer represent the will of the people. They are utterly corrupt.

The masonic filth that has stolen and murdered with impunity is no longer worthy of God’s mercy. When “one” of these devils hangs, the balance will scatter like scared rats. It is time to purify the planet Earth.

Russia’s Vladamir Putin has signed into law a new measure which will require non-governmental groups receiving funding from abroad and engaging in political activity to register as foreign agents with the Justice Ministry. In the same vein, citizens across this world must start ridding themselves of long-tenured politicians and their army of corrupt cronies. Austerity should translate into opportunity for every citizen.

They have stolen trillions, created war and genocide and there is no justice!

Thank you,
Joseph Pede

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