Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Damiano, today you celebrate your first birthday with God

Damiano, today you celebrate your first birthday with God

Time flies little man. I still vividly remember holding your lifeless body in my arms a year ago. Your grandmother and mother brought some toys to your gravesite today. I hope you enjoy them. Not much has changed in the world since you dropped by. Eternity continues to fill with the assistance of hate and war.

I hope you and Chianti have managed to find each other in Heaven. Chianti was our first family dog, a miniature schnauzer. His coat was black and grey and he was the gentlest of creatures. We called him our little gentleman. Funny thing about Chianti, he used to like eating with a fork and would literarily sound mam-ha when he wanted your grandmother’s attention. He was simply amazing, just like you. He went blind in his last two years of life, but he was a determined little fella. If you seek a Heavenly friend, find Chianti.

Your mother purchased a raving lunatic of a dog when she lived in Italy. Over a year later, when she returned home, he became my responsibility. No doubt you have seen and heard Ali at the cemetery. He is the cutest "Yorkshire Terrorist" you have even seen, but completely nuts. For some strange reason he loves to pee on your grave site. Your grandmother gets mad at me, but I cannot stop him. I gather he is marking his most favorite spot in eternity. Miss you lots and happy birthday.

Your family

If my family and I can feel such sorrow for a child we knew for but one day, imagine then the universal torment experienced by Mankind each and every day. Universal consciousness is being weighed down by evil and apathy. Your particular responsibility within the hologram must change.

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