Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Happy Canada Day!

Happy Canada Day!

We’re just happy to be Canadians, or at least many of us think so. We stand on guard for thee (i.e. the closing line of our national anthem), yet many of us know not what we are guarding.

Let’s reflect on Canada:

a) Incredibly large land mass endowed with endless natural resources
b) Relatively small, intellectually gifted population with an ethnically diverse backbone.
c) We have a universal health care system that provides assistance for all, regardless of race, creed or colour. The lineup, however, is getting longer and longer.
d) We have a sound educational system, yet flawed. Flawed because it has become corporatized. Employment does not hinge on your educational achievements but rather on nepotism – more specifically Anglo and masonically affiliated individuals get the great jobs and remuneration first.
e) As a nation, we have a very interesting history. My hunch is that very little of our past is known by most Canadians.
f) We are a parliamentary democracy and sadly a constitutional monarchy. Trudeau may have brought home the constitution but he did not leave the queen behind – big mistake. We have a Prime Minster and Governor-General who through lies, proroguing and secrecy have turned Canada into a fascio-monarchy.
g) Our currency will survive the global economic Armageddon – it’s plastic. The loonies and toonies that run our banking system have changed our national anthem. They call it the “land of the fee and suckers”.
h) We don’t ask enough questions. Why was Gaddafi murdered and where did his almost one trillion dollars go? How did we stomach the genocide in Iraq and Afghanistan? What happened to Hussein’s billions? Was Jack Layton murdered or was he the unfortunate victim of cancer?
i) We are an officially bi-lingual country. Even though I have acquired more respect for Quebec (i.e. because of the Student protests), I don’t understand why they unleashed political liars like Chretien and Mulroney on our nation. In the scheme of things, it would be better if they separate. All the unemployed youth in the balance of the provinces would then have jobs. The cost of bilingualism would also be discarded.
j) We have a great flag, but we don’t fly it.
k) Hockey is our national pass-time. Don Cherry helps us pass the time as we watch, and we will all pass a stone before the Maple Leafs win another Stanley Cup.
l) The RCMP look fantastic in the colour red. Their leadership leaves a lot to be desired.
m) We make great beer and wine and the various levels of government drink most of the profits. I believe we make the best ice-wine in the world.
n) Native Indians are one of this country’s best treasures. Unfortunately, we continue to bury that treasure.
o) We have great landmarks (eg. Niagara Falls) and outstanding provincial parks. Many of them filled with bears, wolves and beavers. We find these same critters in our masonic halls.
p) We have great singers and musicians and the best in my opinion is Stompin’ Tom Connors. Our Canadian Johnny Cash.

Add to the list and enjoy yourself. Enjoy your democracy. Eh!
Joseph Pede

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