Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Nobility, neither divine nor royal - rather they are lucky and devious!

Nobility, neither divine nor royal - rather they are lucky and devious!

Something profoundly tragic happened to mankind at the conclusion of the Second World War. Through advanced mechanization and industrialization, business and financial innovation, the women’s movement, abortion, corporatization of education, the augmentation of intelligence organizations and the expansion of the military industrial complex, we tragically lost what we were prepared to preserve through military combat. This new industrial revolution saw the creation of the “Fourth Reich”, and it flourished with the assistance of an ominous tool known as the “media”.

Post WWII radio, newsprint, television and eventually the internet were deployed to lobotomize every ounce of our instinctual fortitude. They did not stop there. The globalist media then helped give birth to the doctrine of obsolescence. The media was instrumental in marrying this greed-based doctrine of materialism to complex financial instruments. Through this union, the power of the corrupt banking cartels, whose roots were founded in the Venetian Black Nobility once again flourished.

While many feel that technology advanced the cause of mankind after the 1940’s, I would argue that technology did more harm than good, especially in the field of medicine. We have not prolonged life, but rather prorogued life. This “bad medicine” was the same curse that brought inhalation and destruction to the “Ingine and Nigger”. I do not use these words in an offensive manner. They are being used to illustrate a point. The point is that the establishment still views them as dispensable chattel. Sacred technology has been hidden to perpetuate the doctrines of obsolescence and greed.

Then we have Corporatism. It not only destroyed democracy, it eroded every ethical and moral dogma created since the time of the Prophets. Why human beings are not capable of envisaging the demise of our spiritual destruction is beyond me. But corporatism did not stop there. It, along with corrupt democratic governments, initiated the controlled expansion of the “organization”. Organizations, for lack of a better definition, are masonic hell-holes. They breed corruption, collusion and chaos.

The most prolific organization is the one labeled “charitable”. Trillions of dollars typically purchased a fresh water pump, grain and some meager hospital supplies. It would not be unrealistic to approximate that over one billion third-world inhabitants died because of poverty and disease since WWII. But where did the money go? Your only recourse is to ask those who form, direct and sponsor these “organizations” (i.e. ask any one of our masonic politicians).

Should we be thankful that third-world nations breed unsuspecting citizens? Between the military, and especially the pharmaceutical industries, we have recently discovered that third-world citizens were effective test dummies. Every toxic vaccine and virus were more the creation of mad scientists and not Mother Nature.

Finally, WWII set the stage for perpetual war and the birth of “terrorism” - terrorism, the globalist tool deployed to dispense toxic “security” and the ism which will one day give rise to global totalitarianism.

This post WWII agenda has worked so well that virtually all citizens of democratic, emerging and poverty-stricken nations are no longer capable of producing an iota of food for themselves. Big AGRA and GMF now control our destiny and diet. What was once an essential pre-WWII survival chore has now been completely lost. The agricultural revolution also saw the exodus of “rural-dwellers” to the city centers. We have the emergence of multitudinal metropoli (i.e. large populated controlled urbanization). In this new time, “Robinson Crusoe” died a slow death.

In the end, we have betrayed everything the brave soldier fought for – liberty, honor, family, righteousness, God and nation. The soldier is what we must all become again today. The soldier that sides himself with the evil that has rooted itself in our social fabric must walk away and side with his/her people, not the politics/politicians of the day. A nation born through a democratic struggle need not fight that fight once more. The soldier must simply discard the evil that sits atop the throne.

Our goal is to root out all monarchies, aristocrats, corporate elitists, political traders, secret societies, banking cartels and re-establish the will of God, not the will of Satan.

Thank you,
Joseph Pede

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