Friday, July 6, 2012

Understanding Nationalism

Understanding Nationalism

It is to be expected that individuals would show affection, and even a loyalty, towards their “root” country. The desire to identify with one’s ancestral roots is what sustains the blanket of human diversity. The “key” to sustaining ethnic diversity is found in only one form - it is neither religion nor geography, but rather “language”. The spoken word provides one the ability to cross oceans and then implant ethnicity and culture on any foreign terrain.

Oddly, food and diet present the second opportunity to sustain one’s ethnicity. While it is not of the spoken word, it helps to explain the diversity and complexity of Mother Nature. After a great meal, a hearty flagellant will speak the one and only universal language we all know – LOL.

When Globalists pursue the notion of a New World Order, they do so, not through the destruction of nationalism but rather the destruction of language. Language is a pivotal survival tool. Not comprehending someone creates many difficulties. Language is the security key that sustains nationalism. You become a citizen of the world not because you have travelled to every great place on this planet, but rather because you can communicate words and feelings with anyone, anywhere, anytime.

Understanding your neighbor is much more important than waiving a flag. A flag helps to define a specific geographic territory; language is the only instrument through which diplomacy works.

Finally, loyalty to your roots should not encompass a fondness for institutions. Institutions serve to serve themselves and not the greater good of humanity. Your loyalty should be to your root language and your neighbor. Your language should be used as tool to raise humanity’s flag.

Thank you,
Joseph Pede

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