Wednesday, July 4, 2012

When the” Messenger of the Vatican” meets the “Messenger of the Times”

When the” Messenger of the Vatican” meets the “Messenger of the Times”

A truly historic event occurred today, but you will not hear or read of it. I have stated emphatically that the Vatican rules the world. The Vatican has ruled our spiritual and financial world for almost two millennia. This institution holds untold wealth and power; they are the protectors of Mankind’s history and more importantly, they are the vicars of all sacred technology. They sit atop the pyramid and oversee all global governments. They are god on Earth and the Knights of Malta sit at the right hand of god. This powerful Order, with its own illustrious history, reports directly to the Pope. The influence of the Knights spans the globe. They are a chivalrous Order and that means something more in the hidden world of authority. Freemasons are not a chivalrous order, yet they report to queen Elizabeth. The latter are the opportunistic wolves and thieves.

Today, the Prince and Grand Master of the Knights of Malta visited Russia. Yes, the home of the most significant personality of the 21st century, Vladimir Putin. Please read the following:

Fra’ Matthew Festing, the Grand Master of the Sovereign Military Order of Malta, arrives in Russia in the first such visit in more than two centuries.

In Moscow Matthew Festing will be meeting with government officials and senior members of the Russian Orthodox Church. He will also attend the opening of an exhibition marking 20 years of diplomatic relations between this country and the Maltese Order, which once was headed by Russian Emperor Paul I.

The proceedings of the Order are governed by its Constitutional Charter and the Order's Code. The Maltese Order signs international agreements, issues passports and has its own currency. Worldwide, there are over 13,000 knights and dames of the Maltese Order.

In the wake of the Syrian crisis and a global economic Armageddon, these two individuals have come together to discuss the future history of Mankind. This meeting follows Putin’s meeting with Israel's political elite and Prime Minister Netanyahu. You may not know it but Zionism is a branch of the Vatican. The older brother reports to the younger one in the city of the seven hills. Yes, our earthly gods are orchestrating humanity’s next step and Russia plays a pivotal role.

Finally, Cuba’s Raul Castro has just made a stop in China. Castro will meet with senior Chinese officials and Hu Jintao. These trading partners will no doubt reminisce on the failed Bay of Pigs fiasco, and discuss the continued decline of the West. The Helms-Burton Act is a symbol of the West’s inability to adapt to the times. Canadian investment in Cuba thrived because we had a leader who admired leadership and not bullshit. That leader was Pierre Elliot Trudeau. His friendship with Fidel Castro opened tremendous economic opportunities for Canada in Cuba. Trudeau also had the vision to create ties with China. Harper decided to re-visit that very same opportunity very late in the current economic game.

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