Thursday, August 2, 2012

Prophecy is an Excuse

Prophecy is an Excuse

Prophecy is an excuse for ignoring Man’s naturally re-occurring cyclical annihilation. Those who rule the Earth seek not to manage a human farm nor cultivate humanity. Their objective (i.e. once a pre-determined saturation point has been attained) is to unleash prophecy. They do so to hide the willful act of pre-meditated genocide.


They argue the planet Earth is over-populated yet the entire population of this planet could inhabit the continent of Australia with room to spare.

Published data indicates that the planet has less than ¾ of 1% of fresh water. Why has the construction of desalination plants not become a major priority for global governments? Fresh water would decrease disease, death, poverty and hunger. Irrigation would ultimately give rise to agricultural and natural ecosystems (plant and wild life). Do we have the technology to convert desserts to fertile land? YES.

While atomic energy has proven to be a substitute for oil, coal and electricity, it is an unnecessary form of energy generation. Hidden patents which would produce free, perpetual and naturally re-occurring energy have been hidden in the halls of injustice. Instead we have managed to pollute the planet, and endanger Mankind. I need only say the name “Tesla”. He was mankind’s greatest gift, yet the establishment and the so-called Bush family killed him. Take the time to read a well-documented expose on Tesla and the Bush family. Download Alexander Putney’s free 78 page book entitled the “Veil of Invisibility” at

Weather manipulation is being deployed to create famine, flood and economic chaos. Yes, we do have the technology to alter the weather. Again, Tesla mastered the science. We need not have drought, forest fires or water-logged soil. This is an instance where a great scientific discipline has been converted to a military menace.

It is hard to dispute the relevance of genetically modified foods (GMF) when we ourselves are a genetically modified species. Genetic mutation works until the mutation becomes suicidal. Today, most seeds have been genetically modified to do two things; i) have a life-expectancy of only one year and ii) destroy similar naturally re-occurring seed species. This limited life-cycle requires that farmers spend millions of dollars on seed each year rather than having seed which could reproduce for millennia. Because GMF seeds are pre-programmed to destroy naturally re-occurring seeds, the end result is that we have unnecessary food shortages and multi-national control over food production.

You should be able to put the pieces together and conclude that gasoline is as redundant as the whip, yet it is the whip that enslaves Mankind. You should also be able deduce that the doctrine of obsolescence has nurtured an unholy materialism that has crippled modern Man. Both are major contributors to pollution, degradation of our natural environment and the engine for an unnecessary and unholy economy.

The latest news on the food sources for Mankind may not be that gloomy. Please read the article at the following link: The prospects appear more favorable than those illustrated in the movie “Soylent Green”.

The few nihilists that control this planet are not the purveyors of a hidden knowledge but rather the disciples of prophetic doom. They hide the knowledge to re-enact a cyclical ritual of genocide. It is the ultimate sacrifice to their satanic god. They achieve this end by destroying the God consciousness that thrives and grows through each cyclical apocalypse. They will not learn from their repetitive failures – Lucifer will never win.

A message to all Freemasons,
Joseph Pede

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