Friday, August 31, 2012

Victims, Manchurians, Sacrificial Lambs and Clint Eastwood

Victims, Manchurians, Sacrificial Lambs and Clint Eastwood

What stupefying masquerade will the Globalists ready for humanity in the very near future? Whatever event they have planned it is intended to draw humanity nearer to the precipice of destruction? Cattle are naively ignorant of their impending slaughter as they trot along the butcher’s penned stockyards. To be a willing victim of self-destruction is not the calling for a created soul. Mass extinction should not be left to the whims of lunatics.

I will however present certain scenarios that make effective strategies for inducing global chaos:

1. Obama fulfills his calling as the chosen Manchurian
2. Prince Harry serves the British crown in a bastardized sacrifice
3. Putin succumbs to the Illuminati will
4. I will throw these initials into Pandora’s Box – O.W. The demise of this person would see America enter a second civil war.
5. Finally, I find truth in the messages of Robert Morning Sky and Zecariah Sitchin

The American presidential elections are in full gear. We have discussed and concluded that the two-party political system is a corrupt manifestation of the real veiled power which guides humanity’s destruction. There is one very important distinction in this American election. The stage for the financial collapse has been set – the prop-masters, directors, producers have all been meticulously chosen, and they are carefully guarded by a military whose obedience renders them complete fools. To change the backdrop would delay the carefully scripted and well-planned letter written by Albert Pike (i.e. addressed to Giuseppe Mazzini) over a century ago. Obama’s survival is not as important as maintaining Democratic control of the White House. Be on the lookout for Hilary Clinton and her potential rise to the presidency. Within the Democratic body politic lie the actors who will bring this “idyllic play” to life.

We must include weather manipulation as a viable precursor to global destruction. Volcanic activity along the east coast of the USA, the Madrid Fault Line, Cumbre Vieja, Cleveland and the Long valley Caldera are all formidable monsters of nature - Mother Nature’s Frankensteins have now been harnessed by HAARP.

Today’s blockbuster speech by Ben Bernanke featured the following:

The chairman also hinted that a third round of asset purchases known as quantitative easing -- or QE3 -- could be coming, by reiterating the Fed's willingness to pull the trigger. "The Federal Reserve will provide additional policy accommodation as needed to promote a stronger economic recovery and sustained improvement in labor market conditions in a context of price stability."………… In previous statements, the central bank has pledged to provide stimulus only if the economy weakens further, but more recently that language has changed to say the Fed will act if the economy merely stays the same. Bernanke seemed to back up that view Friday, suggesting that the Fed needs to consider acting pre-emptively, to "take out insurance against the realization of downside risk" -- a view often expressed by his number two in command, Vice-Chairwoman Janet Yellen.

QE3 would accomplish the following:

1. It would continue to devalue the U.S. dollar and place more per capita debt on the backs of each and every American citizen. Presently, one in six Americans are below the poverty line, 23,000,000 Americans are unemployed, in excess of 50,000,000 are on food stamps and between 6-8,000,000 are in jail. The U.S. debt is approaching $16 trillion – exclusive of the almost $20 trillion given to banks and corporations by the Federal Reserve under the radar. Finally, U.S. corporate balance sheets have undisclosed derivative losses of $750 trillion. Mama mia!!!!
2. Banks and multi-national corporations will continue to do what they have done so very well - invest the money abroad, invest in speculative derivatives or keep the money in their bank accounts. The Federal Reserve is responsible for both monetary and labour policy, but there is absolutely no talk of job creation in America.
3. QE3 will inflame economic relations with the BRICS coalition, especially China. China will see the value of their $1.5 trillion American loan diminish in purchasing power. Be on the lookout for trade wars.
4. Gasoline prices will continue to rise. Do not forget the U.S. dollar as a reserve currency, is really a petro dollar. Oil prices will rise in relation to the devaluation of the U.S. currency. Still debating about inflation or deflation – the answer is inflation.
5. The role of the Federal Reserve has become debt creation. This will ultimately start the interest rate meter climbing upward. Housing prices will continue to crash and jobs will continue to be lost.
6. A further devalued U.S. currency will put enormous pressure on the EURO, and the over-all health of the European economy.

Please take note of “three” very important events:

1. China is stockpiling gold
2. China is delisting Chinese based companies presently listed on the U.S. stock exchanges
3. China recently bought the 137 year old London Metal Exchange (LME)

Clint Eastwood said it best at the Republican National Convention(paraphrasing)……he said it's our country, politicians are public servants who work for us and when they do a bad job, get rid of them. I grew up loving Clint Eastwood; now I know why. The man is an absolute genius and an American icon. I just wish Dirty Harry was about thirty years younger. That would make my day!!!!

Romney versus Obama……this presidential race will focus on racial issues. Romney gave a heart-warming speech, just like every other past presidential candidate. I simply do not believe that Romney "is not" a globalist. I heard of no objectives in Romney’s speech, because he has chosen not to make any promises. He wants everyone to trust him. His platform is not unlike Obama’s. America vote anything but do not vote Republican or Democrat. The hooks are in and both parties are after your hyde.

Do not go gentle into that good night…..Dylan Thomas

Thank you,
Joseph Pede

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