Tuesday, September 25, 2012

A “Common Law” relationship has turned Incestuous

A “Common Law” relationship has turned Incestuous

For Canada and Great Britain to be sharing embassies and missions, sounds like a throw-back to the days of hippies and beatniks. It is no secret that Stephen Harper is a monarchist and Baird is the queen’s court jester, but to re-colonize Canada is unforgiveable. It appears the elitist queen is taking greater control over her resource filled nation.

To be seen in an incestuous relationship with an aggressive, war-mongering and blood thirsty nation such as Great Britain, is the wrong message to send to the international community. British secretary Hague stated (paraphrasing) that the Syrian leadership are blood thirsty rogues. We need not delve into British history to follow their trail of blood - slavery and colonialism across the globe, nor their “parenthood” of the Muslim Brotherhood. Yes the latter is the Frankenstein of the CIA and MI6. They have spread political chaos, murder, war and assassination across the Middle-East. Who said the British monarchy gave up their agenda of global colonialism?

We now await the fall of Jordan as the Brotherhood has already demanded that the Jordanian king relinquish his throne. This is probably king Abdullah II's greatest life-time realization – he was just a pawn in the game! Soon the royal house of Saudi Arabia will encounter the same fate.

Now for the most important question, when will the European monarchies be abolished and their assets seized - assets that have been stolen from the sheepish proletariat over centuries of war and deception?

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Joseph Pede

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