Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Horse Feathers for Victor!

Horse Feathers for Victor!

As you may know, Victor is my friendly juggernaut Jew
His inspiration is drawn from Bob Marley and the Who
A friendly joint eases his ability to think
Being in the wilderness however allows him to be mentally in sync

This little poem is about Victor’s visit to Lake Abraham
He said I should use the power of the internet to transmit this cablegram
He enjoyed this past weekend in Nature’s wondrous triangle
Among the trees and wildlife he did his best to entangle

Victor has prepared himself well for the apocalyptic end
Crossbows, spears and armament he has carefully penned
All the food sources he has buried like a secret treasure
In the meantime he continues to pick his nose as his favourite pleasure

At the foothills of this wondrous lake Victor met two Native people
One a male, and the other a beautiful unlikely sheeple
Victor was offered a symbol for his shared love of the land
A “white eagle feather” was given to him by the gentle Indian hand

Victor was overjoyed by this amazing gift
The feather he knew would provide a valuable sacred lift
Yes too, this was a great weekend for deer and bear
This timely surprise ensured all wildlife did not have to put up with Victor’s flagellant snare.

There you go young man,
Joseph Pede

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