Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Male Erectile and Penis Health

Male Erectile and Penis Health

Gentlemen, I am no doctor, but I am confident that the following are impacting your virility:

a) Lab-top computers are emitting dangerous electronic pulses, heat levels and hazardous toxins from the battery packs. These lab-tops are typically placed on your groin when relaxing. Not a good idea

b) Tight underwear over-heats the scrotum. This creates erectile dysfunctions and decreases sperm count

c) Condoms can’t be good for you. Plastics and latex impact people in factory environments – so what is the damage when it is strapped tightly around your best friend

d) Female estrogen pills affect women but they also have a sterilizing impact on men

e) A tight waste belt strangles your nerves and effects the fluidity of key veins. Your groin area is a mass of nerves and veins. This may also prevent painful hernias

f) Tight pants put a lot of pressure on the family jewels – loosen up and let them breathe

g) Seek a diet that fits your physiology – have your blood type explained to you by your doctor. Each blood type accommodates specific food groups

h) Excessive masturbation cannot be good for you. It will damage the penis wall and veins and excessive friction may create pain in the penis muscles

i) Avoid perfumed, chemically enhanced soaps or bathing lotions

j) Drink moderately – a little wine, a little tea

k) Sun bathe in the nude but don’t burn the “pack”

l) Stress – yes it will have an impact on the “ticker”, and what you need to “dick her”

m) Don’t swim naked in shark-infested waters

n) Not circumsized - keep the sweater clean guys

Why is the health of your penis important? You will need a “dick” to stand up to the “bull” that is "coming" our way. The future appears very caustic.

Thank you,
Joseph Pede

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