Monday, September 10, 2012

Putin’s Puzzling Politics

Putin’s Puzzling Politics

Russia has become one of the biggest oil producers in the world. Will Putin protect Russia’s political and military interests in the Middle-East or will he walk away and see the vast Russian oil reserves increase in value, as the Middle-East crumbles? Should he choose the latter, Russia’s oil wealth would eclipse that of Saudi Arabia’s.

Russia has been at the forefront of a major controversy. They were one of the main protagonists in trying to resolve the following matter, is “oil” fossil residue, or abiotic? Please read the following article to get a better understanding on the origins of oil:

The APEC summit saw Canada take a decisive step with Iran. That step was intended to put the globalist led NATO countries on alert, or at least send a message. Canada has become the “dunce” of democracy. It accepted the globalist invitation of walking-in the New World Order flag, into the end-times arena.

Regardless of the outcome, Harper and the Windsor queen will see Canada’s oil fortunes increase. Yesterday alone, a junior oil company named Shoal Point Energy found 23 billion barrels of oil in Newfoundland shale rock. But what will they do with all this oil wealth if they intend to eliminate the bulk of humanity? My hunch is that gold, silver and oil will be the primary resources that back a New World Order currency. While gold and silver are recyclable natural resources, oil is an infinitely available consumable resource (i.e. based on the abiotic theory of oil). The formation of a global oil cartel will determine when the N.W.O. reset button is pushed.

If Russia walks away from the Syrian crisis, the chess-game to Armageddon will have completely changed. Check-mate is just a move away. It appears that China has taken an arm-chair approach and is prepared to side with whom-ever takes the helm.

The leaders that we have entrusted to protect humanity have been corrupted by greed. It will take them an eternity to cleanse their souls of this life-time’s mistakes.

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