Wednesday, September 12, 2012

That’s the way I remember it

That’s the way I remember it

Mom and dad woke up early to prepare for their day ahead

Long ago hard work was the only way immigrants managed to bring home the bread

In the morning they hugged me so I would get out of bed

Before I attended school they wanted to make sure I was properly fed

Dad would drop me off in his new Chevy Nova

The Camaro later in life made me feel just like Casanova

My lunch consisted of crusty white bread and tasty salami

Red peppers and eggplant completed the gourmet tsunami

Afternoon recess provided the chance to play with whatever ball we could find

Rubber orbs flying about everywhere would have made a hooker go blind

When the 3:30 bell rang, school was done for the day

My friends and I walked home with very little to say

We each waved good-bye, as one-by-one we left the pack

Our books were quite heavy because there was no such thing as a dependable knapsack

In through the door and grandmother would give me a hug

Grandpa spent all day reading the bible, but still found time for a gentle tug

I then washed my hands and got ready to cook

Yep, grandma and I would have dinner prepared for everyone because that’s what it took

Supper was great with a glass of ginger ale and some added home-made wine

Then off to play soccer with the friends I had earlier left behind

After much fun, yes we went a little berserk

When we arrived through the door, the eyes didn’t seem to have much strength to complete the daily home work

A little persuasion by mom made sure it was complete

I just wished her convincing shoes would have accommodated much smaller feet

Espresso and milk with a box of cookies would sum up the day

A walk upstairs to bed, undress and then once again I began to pray

That’s the way I remember it, at this point in time

Who would have thought before prayers, I would have learned how to rhyme.

Thank you,
Joseph Pede

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