Sunday, September 16, 2012

The Dark Side of the Moon

The Dark Side of the Moon

The moon orbits about the planet Earth, but unlike our planet, it does not rotate on its own axis. The end result is that for centuries, Earthlings have only seen “one side of the moon”. Current lunar photographs however depict some lunar rotation. What may be causing this? Conjecture and conspiracy divulge that the dark side of the moon holds alien and Earth-based colonies. Some scientists have established that the moon’s atmosphere is not unlike that of the planet Earth.

If you believe in Andrew Basiago’s experiences you will accept the fact that the planet Mars also has alien and Earth-based colonies. He speaks from first-hand knowledge..

Perhaps Mankind has been perpetually kept in the dark. So much so that even current political agendas appear strange, incomprehensible and even foreign in nature.

What is truly dark is that in this day and age we have failed to correct some of Mankind’s most sinister rituals. They include cannibalism, human sacrifice, farming of human body parts, slavery/bondage and child butchery. An example of latter includes the abduction of young Filipino children. The abduction ends with barbarians ritually devouring the brains of these young children. Pretty dark stuff hah? This raw side of humanity becomes visible only when you turn on the lights.

In nations where war and economic upheaval eventually ushered in Marxism, Dictatorship and Communism, it too welcomed unspeakable evil. These types of government structures lobotomized the spiritual, moral and ethical fabric of each one of its subjects. Individuals became guinea pigs of a demoralization agenda. The attack focused on the destruction of free will and the augmentation of fear.

My hypothesis has always been that the apex of democracy is communism. The one factor I have excluded is the role of monarchies in that transformation. Monarchies are in the fact the agents that construct the final model of complete doom. Monarchies are the perfect oxymoron. They appear to shed light, but in fact, live lives of complete and utter darkness.

We are in the process of witnessing the dark side of man once again.

Thank you,
Joseph Pede

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