Saturday, September 15, 2012

Why the Globalists chose China and not the Middle-East

Why the Globalists chose China and not the Middle-East

The answer is simple but important. Moving North American and European capital to Asia rather than the Middle-East was intended to do two things:

1.Increase corporate profits and reduce the corresponding taxes
2.Put downward pressure on North American and European wages

These measures required that the Globalists provided a visible solution for the masses:

1.A need to find an alternative wealth formula for North America and Europe citizens
2.The need to fashion an enemy and perpetual war

The alternative wealth formula came via a) an alluring and manipulative stock market and b) a controlled housing collapse.

They chose Asia over the Middle-East because the Arab Nations could be used as guinea pigs in the orchestrated war on terror. The Arabs sit perfectly amidst the oil fields in absolute ignorance of the apocalyptic role they play. China had no natural resources just a poverty stricken nation. This made the Chinese perfect drones. The Middle-East was filled with highly educated, religiously observant and loyal Arabs who could pose a danger if that oil wealth was distributed – that is, if the wealth was intended for the masses and not for queens Elizabeth and Beatrix (i.e. British Petroleum and Royal Dutch Shell). This part of the Globalist plan was controlled by Buckingham Palace and Huis ten Bosch Palace

The end-game was simple. Keep Israel in the eternal position of fox and prey, and let the Semitic tribes of the Middle-East destroy themselves. Then have China implode with the planned financial collapse of Europe and North America.

The plan was unassuming and effective. Let us see how the unknown factor “Russia” plays in this end-game. We must also pay careful attention to China. They have progressed well beyond what the Globalists had planned for them – militarily, economically and politically.

The game is in full gear. Are you sitting in the theatre seats, allowing these demonic disciples to win by default?

Thank you,
Joseph Pede

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