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All Hallows Eve

All Hallows Eve

Halloween may set the stage for events leading to 11/666 (please refer to my past post referencing 11/666. It is numerology for the date of the U.S. presidential elections. “Remembrance Day” may be day that closes the curtain on any planned insanity. There are six dates which have profound esoteric meaning, they are:

10/31/12 - All Hallows Eve or Halloween
11/01/12 - All Saints Day
11/02/12 - All Souls Day
11/06/12 - Date of the U.S. presidential elections
11/09/12 - The Feast Day of the Quatuor Coronati – I have mentioned this before.
11/11/12 - Remembrance Day

Let us focus on the significance of Halloween. The word “hallow” means to make holy or sacred. Historically, this date has two well-known derivations. The first is in Roman lore and the second in Celtic etymology.

For the purpose of brevity I prefer to assess the Celtic version of Halloween:

This was a time for stock-taking and preparing for the cold winter ahead; cattle were brought back down from the summer pastures and livestock were slaughtered. In much of the Gaelic world, bonfires were lit and there were rituals involving them. Some of these rituals hint that they may once have involved human sacrifice. Divination games or rituals were also done at Samhain.

I have highlighted the practices that are of special significance. In the occult world, specifically the one celebrated by the Luciferian Illuminati and the orders of Freemasonry, human sacrifice “is not” a thing of the past. In fact, many who have escaped the chains of occult witchcraft have spoken in great depth of the evil that has taken root in God’s world. One named “Doc Marquis”, whose name probably derives from the “Marqis Shax” (please investigate the Lesser Keys of Solomon) has gone to great lengths to expose the ghastly rituals of the Illuminati. Additionally, the “Sacrifice of Care” is celebrated annually in the “Bohemian Grove”.

There is one ceremony that sends shivers down my back. It involves the use of “breeders”. Breeders are women of unknown origin enslaved solely to produce infants – infants that are murderously sacrificed to Lucifer.

If December 21, 2012 is to become a prophetic date then perhaps the priming will begin October 31, 2012. Remember, evil is after your soul. The destruction of your soul empowers them, not the accumulation of money. Money has become the tool by which they maintain their theatre of deception. Currently, there are many events around the world that could unleash a global apocalypse (i.e. massive ritual sacrifice). This is not the time to don a disguise and go trick or treating. The trick may be on you, as you are the treat. You may wish to read my poem entitled “The Gatekeepers”.

I would appreciate if you could read what I wrote in July, 2011 as well:

Hurricane Sandy: Likely targets could be Rhode Island and Connecticut. Keep an eye on the Nuclear Science Center reactor in Narragansett, Rhode Island and the Millstone Nuclear Power Station in Connecticut.

Happy Halloween,
Joseph Pede

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