Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Harper Gov't to criminalize the use of Face Masks during Riots

Harper Gov't to criminalize the use of Face Masks during Riots

Yes Stephen, this will go a long way in assisting law enforcement in the future, but a 10 year prison term when someone may only wish to remain anonymous when participating in a protest that has gone bad.

The “veil” has many more ominous connotations in our society and I would encourage you to pursue the corruption, nepotism, and the untold crimes that occur in government and Masonic fraternities.

Mr. Harper, I have emailed you several times with respect to Mr. Clement. When will the $60 million he stole be returned to the public purse? I would not jail someone for wearing a mask when the veil on Parliament Hill has yet to be lifted.

Finally, when will members of Masonic groups be required to disclose their affiliation before tendering on government contracts, or applying for employment positions within public institutions? Mr. Harper, to the best of my knowledge “you” are a Freemason and you must know exactly what I am talking about. Not only is it time to lift the veil, but it may also be time to shine a light on the shadows.

People wearing masks only do so to protect themselves against the veil. If people only knew the depth to which evil thrives behind the veil they would have much more to say on this issue. Mr. Harper, I am confident that one day you will wear the garter.

Thank you,
Joseph Pede

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