Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Make no mistake about it. We are playing Darwin’s favourite game “Survival of the fittest”

Make no mistake about it. We are playing Darwin’s favourite game “Survival of the fittest”

The game is played within and about the pyramid. Atop the pyramid sit the Elitists or the Illuminati, below them reside the chivalrous orders and finally, below them are housed the various layers of globalist parasites and the fraternal orders. Just like in monopoly, they control all the major organizations, institutes, societies, multinational corporations, banks, councils, charitable groups and so on. All these organizations are housed in very expensive real estate and individuals outside the pyramid will never be allowed to enter. They make look, but will never be allowed to “see”.

To confuse the masses outside the pyramid they have created two movements – one is political and the other religious. The latter two, in all cases, present a different agenda, but in fact, they sing from the same hymn book. The philosophy obviously is to “divide and conquer”.

The reality is that all those inside the pyramid are few in number and trapped within their own web of lies and deceit. The many who occupy the bottom layers of the pyramid are oblivious to their role in the game of survival. In the end, the bottom feeders within the pyramid will be exterminated – they are simply pawns in the game. They include police officers, various ranks within the military, senior government employees, individuals with the various branches of the justice system, political backbenchers and so on.

Those outside the pyramid are in fact “the experiment”. We are the resource that keeps their madness alive. We serve as “lab-rats” to the on-going research that will one day make them gods on Earth. They carefully guide us to our death, in the hope that they will one day find the Philosopher’s Stone and eternal life.

We do have the power to change the game to “snakes and ladders”.

Thank you,
Joseph Pede

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