Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Obedient Soldiers

Obedient Soldiers

A bugle blows at the crack of dawn
The rooster’s cock accompanies each and every yawn
A quick body wash strips away the boyish fear
The cold shower too, hides the apprehensive tear

I am the clay of the Sargeant master
He too, chattel of the black-hand, coated in plaster
We obey orders, right or wrong
Actions which will haunt us, our whole life long

We march to defeat a created foe
God’s peace the conspirators have convinced us to forego
Ghastly “experiments” fought in barren fields
A fearful Mother Nature, so too has chosen to yield

The stench of blood accompanies the air
The maggots, zealous witnesses to the soldier’s dying last prayer
War’s victor decided in pounds of flesh
Mangled bodies piled in sacrifice to a demonic crèche

Obedient soldiers we have opted to be
Of the master’s intentions we hold not the key
Our eyes bear witness to murder and decay
Willing slaves, in Satan’s tragic end-times play.

Thank you,
Joseph Pede

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