Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Paraphrasing Mitt Romney, “give a buck or two to help your fellow Americans”!

Paraphrasing Mitt Romney, “give a buck or two to help your fellow Americans”!

Again I ask the reason why “anyone would donate anything”. The Haitians were pledged billions of dollars from the worldwide community of nations, yet they continue to live in squalor and decay. The money pledged could have completely rebuilt their country. Where’s the beef?

You should be asking, what happened to the tens of billions, or hundreds of billions of dollars, donated to the victims of 9/11? First responders (firemen, police officers, emergency personnel etc.) who died and continue to die from terrible diseases still seek compensation.

Lest we forget, in the wake of “Sandy”, what happened to the hundreds of thousands of people who were displaced, and the many who died, when Catrina hit land. What happened to that money?

A donation becomes like the middle of a donut – a black hole. The money enters, never to be seen again.

Apart from the above, we may have a very serious event brewing. A massive sinkhole has swallowed more than five acres of land in Assumption Parish, Louisiana. This sinkhole has had a devastating impact on aquifers and salt domes in the area. Some argue this may be the Frankenstein of the BP oil spill, others say nuclear or toxic waste that has ruptured under the affected area may cause a catastrophic event, including the rupture of the Madrid Fault Line.

We live in interesting times only because evil has preoccupied us with chaos. Please read the commentary I wrote March 17, 2011 dealing with weather modification – click on the link below:

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