Friday, October 19, 2012

The Diary

The Diary

In a time long ago, people of all ages and walks of life kept a journal of their “path”. The document recorded one’s precious moments, life’s lessons, romances, friendships, hardships, challenges, triviality, the first instance of love, someone’s passing or any event that left a substantive impact on one’s psyche. Why individuals were and are drawn to keeping a personal diary remains a mystery. The most important attribute of a diary, however, is that it would remain a “secret”. It would impact a reader(s) only when the writer's time on this planet came to an end.

While many may chuckle at the thought of a keeping a diary today, the final laugh may be on them. Social media forums such as Facebook or MySpace are in fact personal diaries with a twist. Social Media unlike written diaries store photographs, conversations or events. Accessibility to that storage, however, is dependent on the whims of a “hidden technology – i.e. www”.

The old adage that a picture is worth a thousand words still holds true. Pictures have been around for about 150 years, yet in times past, the diary was seldom complimented by pictures. The difference: the extent to which one exposes his or her true “self”.

The amazing thing about the internet is that it provides someone the ability to have many virtual characters and/or characteristics. In fact, it may be concluded that the internet has created a “schizophrenic” society. When we publish our thoughts via social media, our true self is at risk. It is conceivable that individuals migrate toward virtual characters and steer away from their true self. Individuals may do this to satisfy a cultural norm or popular theme, often leaving one’s true essence behind.

Diaries are unique because they express one’s inner most feelings. In many instances these feelings are not shared with strangers, or even loved ones. As one grows older, one could refer back to a specific date, reminisce on what transpired or reflect on how they felt at that time. They could re-evaluate decisions made about an event or evaluate how those decisions would have changed had they applied their new found wisdom or knowledge to the circumstances of long ago.

The secretive, and personal nature of a diary, preclude external forces changing who you are. My BLOG records my personal thoughts and ideas but it does not attack who I am, rather it opens windows to strangers around the world. This is my way of transferring consciousness to all humanity. It is done in secret, yet it has a public dimension. My hope is to impact the way you think and see life. I’m not an expert on any one particular field of study, nor does it matter. Education does not make you an expert, your inner most feelings come from something greater than yourself. He has already made you an expert.

The understanding of your inner self has far reaching implications, in fact, when you understand the true nature of “yourself”, you will find that you are not that much different from anyone else - as many would have you believe.

Thank you,
Joseph Pede

P.S. - I wrote this to answer a question someone asked of me. The why?

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