Wednesday, October 17, 2012

The Meek

The Meek

Who are those docile sheep
Nick-named the mild mannered meek

Void of all sanity and reason
Gradually dumbed with the passage of each season

No God to depend on or adore
Common sense found estranged in a murky corridor

Souls lost in a memorable time
Rendered speechless as the comical mime

Has their silence readied them for an end-times slaughter, or
Opened the door to new spiritual water

Blind apathetic slumber may be their final act
The next dimension could be the fulfillment of God’s heavenly pact.

Thank you,
Joseph Pede

In the eternal battle between good and evil, we have identified God and the devil as the two main protagonists. The so-called “meek” and their role in Bible prophecy requires clarification.

First, we must conclude that evil exists, as mankind seeks evil at every turn. He is drawn to vice because it is the easiest thing for him to do. Second, we must realize that there are victims and disciples of evil. There are those who embrace evil, and others who enter the spiral of deceit, never to return.

The spiral draws more and more into the abyss of darkness, just as a ravaging tornado. The devil, likewise, uses every manifestation of nature to deceive mankind.

So who are the meek - those who willingly accept the devil as their god, or those deceived by him? Which of them shall inherit the Earth? I propose that those who commit evil and acknowledge their acts of evil are the strong. Those who knowingly choose to remain in the chains of wickedness are the meek. The latter find comfort in servitude, and to an allegiance of fear.

Those who accept their human failings are indeed the sheep. Their Earthly slaughter is God’s way of repositioning these wayward souls into their next dimensional challenge. The great culling could in fact be God’s next calling for that portion of humanity known as the sheep. Those labelled the meek would remain in a world of chaos, sin, death and decay. Are you the sheep or the meek?

It may be wise to remember that eventually the sheep must make Heaven their final stop. When we find Heaven on Earth we have achieved enlightenment.

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