Friday, October 5, 2012

The Paradox of the WWW & The Obelisk

The Paradox of the WWW & The Obelisk

The “World Wide Web” provides one of the greatest forums for free speech, yet it is the most sinister intelligence tool ever deployed. The “Web” is appropriately named, as it provides an esoteric warning to all who navigate its maze of virtual roads.

Between Facebook and all the other social interaction media we have knowingly downloaded global consciousness into the “Matrix”. Likewise, all our thoughts and conversations, through cell phone usage, have been stored in one of the most elaborate filing systems ever devised.

Yes, they have finger-printed our thoughts (social networks), retinas (computer and cell phone cams), voice (computer and cell phone telephony) and fingers (cell phone and touch pads). If you are still waiting for the “mark of the beast” to appear, you have missed his calling card.

If you have not taken a moment to deliberate the double-edged sword of technology, then take a moment to question the paradox of what Mankind’s curiosity and intelligence have brought to life. You must also consider why those who control this planet have gone to such great lengths to identify and catalogue each and every one of us. The answer most likely, is “eugenics” in its grandest form.

Consider for a moment that my conclusion is correct. Then one must ask if there are any amongst us, especially those who sit atop the pyramid, who dare to preserve the sanctity of human life, or better yet “free will”. Perhaps the possibility of a “Brave New World” would provide the harmony and order that humanity has so long desired, but what emotion would recognize or embrace an ethical synchronization if we were devoid of all spirituality? While we may be Godly, someone has made the dire mistake of thinking they are God.

I accept the fact that the intervention of a higher intelligence is amongst us, and we should seek to embrace its magnificence. Unfortunately, our dimensionality is bound by a cosmic wisdom that shatters when it goes beyond its natural path. Technology too has carefully crafted layers of technological classes. The third-world nations’ poor are completely ignorant to the world’s technological advances, the old are bystanders to an age that no longer represents their past, and the yuppies are willing pawns to a change they have haphazardly embraced.

So, I conclude by sharing with you, an event which may have an important philosophical meaning. On August 24, 2011 the obelisk known as the Washington Monument was cracked by an earthquake. I will not go into the meaning of this structure, but you may learn of its significance if you wish to read my poem entitled “The Gatekeepers”. It is available in this BLOG - written in September, 2010. I will suffice to say that a profound message may have been communicated to Mankind when this event occurred.

Thank you,
Joseph Pede

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