Friday, October 19, 2012

Vladimir Putin - Stay at home dad?!

Vladimir Putin - Stay at home dad?!

The future of politics may be taking a dramatic new turn.

Vladimir Putin's motorcade can shut down Moscow's already jammed streets for hours, much to the chagrin of commuters. So he plans to do more work at the presidential residence.

Who would have thought that the world’s most interesting man, and the most powerful, if he chose to exercise his muscle, would switch from a suit to pyjamas. I know, you thought the world’s most interesting man was the television actor drinking Dos Equis beer – wrong!

Sounds like a curious political decision, but I am not convinced this is about traffic. Repeating what I have stated many times before, Vladimir Putin is the “most important” man on the political stage today. His departure from the helm of the Russian presidency would make globalism complete. I believe his strategy is to minimize the attempts on his life, as there have been at least a half a dozen already.

This pyjama story is great hype, at least until the U.S. presidential election is over. You never know what false flag event could precipitate a major global crisis. The bedroom may be the best place, and safest, when making an important political decision. Putin is no fool.

I just can’t imagine Stephen Harper in pyjamas. He would more suit the Hugh Hefner look – velvet robe, tobacco pipe, accompanied by Rona Ambrose, Eve Adams and a Chihuahua named prince – no, that would not be Al Flaherty.

The global stage is becoming quiet the acting challenge for the main protagonists. Let us see where 11/666 takes us.

Thank you,
Joseph Pede


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