Friday, November 30, 2012

Abstention and Palestinians 138-41-9

Abstention and Palestinians 138-41-9

In recognizing one’s solemn duty to someone else, you act to adjourn any conviction you may have about that other person’s legitimacy. When one erases the hopes and aspirations of someone seeking inclusion, then you have participated in an act of ethnic cleansing. In the act of abstention you participate outside the window of reality. You live in the illusion that others will purify your ethical and moral conscious.

On the other hand, casting a decisive vote (i.e. a “yes” or a “nay”) impresses upon the larger mass the standing of one’s beliefs, may they be right or wrong.

Do you not feel that the United Nations is an oxymoron? The primary mandate of the UN is the realization of global peace, yet the world is swathed in perpetual war. In where does the unification exist?

We are a planet whose borders extend far into the vast universe, yet we are so miniscule as to believe that a geographic border along a mountain range or a body of water can separate the essence of who we truly are. Hate has so wholly ripped at our divinity that we can no longer look a brother or sister in the eye and extend a welcoming hand.

For anyone to gaze upon the mutilated body of a young child held together in the arms of decimated grandmother, or the shattered remains of a young man whose human potential was shortened by a bullet to the brain, or a flag that flies tattered in the belief that it represents the uniqueness of a people that exists no more, and do nothing is not “human”. Where has Mankind gone so decisively wrong?

There is but one God. His Prophets and Messengers sought to illuminate humanity with the “Truth”, and there is no greater religion than the truth. When you seek the truth you will find that along your journey there is no room for war or hate. You can be as the naysayer and idly stand-by as creation is slowly crucified or you can be an active participant in removing men of evil from God’s pulpit. As a Canadian I see Stephen Harper and John Baird as men of evil. They have so lost the meaning of the truth that they bathe in the lies of human misery. Eternity will not be kind to such men. I pray that God will reward such men with the misery they place upon others.

The nine countries that voted “nay” represent a total population of approximately 400 million human beings. Countries who abstented or voted yes, represent a global population of approximately 6.6 billion people, or 95% of the world’s populace. Do numbers really matter when “one” person dies each minute because of war and the contemptuousness behavior of evil men?

Thank you,
Joseph Pede

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