Saturday, November 3, 2012

Breaking News from Glenn Beck

Breaking News from Glenn Beck

I've never heard Glenn Beck speak before, but this video does wonders to lift the veil on what is happening in Libya and the Middle-East. Beck refers to Syria as the most dangerous place on the planet. Prior to the NATO coalition having assassinated Gaddafi and stolen all his wealth, Libya was a peaceful and progressive country.

Evil is destabilizing the world in an attempt to cover-up their continuum of lies, deception and theft. Who stole Gaddafi’s estimated $200-$500 billion dollars (much of it in pure gold)? The global financial black-hole is so large and runs so deep that the globalists will do anything, and kill anyone, to hide the massive theft they have perpetrated. Time is however running out.

Germany has recently discovered that their gold reserves may no longer exist. Attempts to audit their gold reserves has become a nightmare. It is possible that both the USA and Great Britain have gambled away the second largest sovereign golden nest egg.

Please watch the following video to get an understanding on what really happened in Benghazi.

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Joseph Pede

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