Thursday, November 15, 2012

China: It's Time to Gaza-up Your Vehicle

China: It’s Time to Gaza-up Your Vehicle

Former ambassador to China James Sasser made crystal clear that the new political leadership in China must focus on corruption. Outgoing President Hu spoke of the same malaise affecting Chinese officialdom in his final speech to the general assembly, and implored members of the assembly to curb their appetite for corruption. Western governments find it is easy to criticize and even condemn China, but at least the Chinese acknowledge that there exists a major issue in their system of government. When is American foreign policy going to admit to their decades-long involvement in global genocide?

Nexen is not about a foreign government taking control of a major Canadian energy company, but rather an important geo-political decision for the Harper conservative government. Relinquishing a stake in Canada’s energy sector impacts i) the financial interests of the British monarchy, and ii) the resurgence of the American oil industry. This is not a Canadian decision, but rather a tri-lateral decision. The final resolution will ultimately impact how economic power is shared or won in the next decade.

American, British and NATO influence in the Middle-East in no accident. By destabilizing this region, and implanting new puppet regimes, NATO and the Anglo-American union can more properly guide the renaissance of the American oil industry. In so doing, these two forces will be better able to control who has access to oil in Europe and the oil-hungry Asian markets. The same logic can be applied to Malaysia’ Petronas failed bid for Canada’s Progress Energy. This is an indirect means of ridding both China and Russia from the Middle-East and disenboweling the alliances between Iran, Syria, Pakistan, China and Russia.

In this analysis you can see why the overthrow of Vladimir Putin is a prime objective of the globalists. To have China and Russia as powerful military and economic allies casts great uncertainty on the direction of globalism. The control of oil will dictate who maintains control of globalism or a strategically re-configured regionalism. Russia has become an oil and gas super-power at a very inconvenient time in history.

We have yet to escape the claws of a carbon tax. This tax will allow globalists to extract the last ounce of wealth from debt-ridden families. There is growing evidence that oil is abiotic and not fossil. This one reality serves to undermine peak oil and current oil prices. Our governments make us believe that corporations seek alternate energy solutions, but the true fact is that we are being taken for a ride. Oil will continue to be the resource that controls the masses. Only when the masses are completely subdued will sacred technology and free energy makes its appearance on this planet.

Today, Hilary Clinton publicly admonished the Australian government for their strong economic ties to China. In this analysis Australia can be viewed as a rogue member of the British Commonwealth and problem for the Anglo-American union. Regionalism is already casting its warnings to nation states.

You may wish to read the article I wrote on March 26, 2011 entitled "J.R. Ewing Is Coming Back to America". Not only is oil coming out of the ground in America but J.R. Ewing has made a resurgence on TV.

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