Monday, November 5, 2012

Could the Pike and Mazzini Manifesto really be about a “Gold Heist”?

Could the Pike and Mazzini Manifesto really be about a “Gold Heist”?

Consider that trillions of dollars in gold, between the 911 tragedy and the present day, have either vanished or become unverifiable. Consider further that the combined global central bank frauds, Ponzi schemes and capital market manipulations may have all been a diversion to inflate the price of gold and to have it vanish as well.

As much as $900 million in gold bars vanished when the twin towers were attacked, trillions of dollars of sovereign gold belonging to Germany and other countries remains unaccounted, $200 billion of Gaddafi’s gold vanished during the NATO invasion of Libya, and hundreds of trillions of dollars of Indonesian gold (i.e. that was secured by Federal Reserve bonds) has disappeared.

Is gold disappearing for reasons of commercial and industrial demand, being stolen by elite individuals, stored secretly by a small contingent of central banks or is there an alien slant to this disappearance?

Once again, I refer you to Robert Morning Sky and the importance of gold to our alien interventionists. Morning Sky stated that gold was an important resource for protecting Planet X or Nibiru’s atmosphere. There have been many sightings of a second sun yet no one can really explain the phenomenon. This planet, whose orbital cycle is 3600 years, may be present in our solar system today. Aliens could be looting our gold to rebuild Niburu’s atmosphere. The truth can be stranger than fiction!

Either way, gold and silver must escalate in value. China's continued gold build-up is evidence of this.

Thank you,
Joseph Pede

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