Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Education Update

Education Update

China, India and most of Asia jumped to the front of the financial success ladder only because business, government and people sought the opportunity for success. China and India took a massive proletariat class and converted them into a manufacturing dynamo. These countries had no production platform, no capital, no supply chain, no expertise in sourcing raw materials, no customers and no money. The least resource this proletariat class of “workers” had was an education.

To hear North American business and government advocate that skilled jobs or industry-specific jobs cannot be found in this country is “bull-shit”. Our kids don’t need an education they need an apprenticeship system that compliments the goal of entrepreneurship. I can never stop identifying the racism that exists this country; an uneducated and degreeless Anglo Saxon and Francophone group of individuals, along with the parasitic Masonic army, continues to undo genius and ignore a well-educated mass of educated people who exist outside that window of nepotism. This is human-resource fraud.

The educational system has been fine-tuned to extract wealth from the majority of families or place young adults in debt. Professional societies limit and selectively choose those who will advance beyond the plateau of exclusion. Boards and selection committees who decide on the next generation of young professionals are ALL grounded in nepotism and racism. In other words, the system is rigged.

Businesses don’t hire because training flies in the face of the agenda that I have just spoken about. Corporatism and the educational system have plotted to a) destroy the middle-class and b) have ethnic groups thrive outside the controlled corporate and government hiring selection process.

Education steers individuals into fields of study that provide no future promise of success. The goal of corporations is to seek cheap labour, earn higher profits and pay lower taxes. Corporations will move Heaven and Earth to achieve these goals, but they will not entrust opportunity in the very people they hope will one day buy their goods and services. CEO’s have demonstrated they can articulate the perfect excuse – our kids lack skills. Well whose fault is it?

Anyone can be trained to be a success, provided we give them the opportunity. The best schools in the world will one day exist in China and India. They have learned from the ground floor and now their kids go to Europe or North America to seek the best educations. That will eventually stop.

I thought I would leave you with Pink Floyd's memorable song to listen to.


Thank you,
Joseph Pede

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