Sunday, November 25, 2012



Before you begin reading this commentary, please research the meaning of the word “Fail-Safe”.

The assumption I am making is that all “forces and isms” must have a foolproof escape clause. Throughout history, as far back as one wishes to investigate, governments and political leaders always feared for their personal safety. There existed at all times a counter-balance to the prevailing political ideology or religious dogma exercised by the government of the day. The possibility of over-throwing the prevailing political leader for his/her inappropriate governance was a built-in safety net for a nation state.

If one carefully studies the news one can see a cancerous corruption that has metastasized in “democracy”. As I mentioned just a short while ago, the President of France has just recognized the Syrian rebel faction as the legitimate government of Syria. How and why did he arrive at this conclusion? France appears to speak for itself, but it in fact speaks on behalf of the entire NATO alliance.

Democracy has carefully chosen who it will fight or target. For example, it has chosen a mild “cold-war type” approach with China, and military action against less significant foes (ex. Egypt, Syria, Libya, Iraq, Afghanistan etc). Media propaganda will have you believe that the “foe” in all cases is evil, but that could not be further from the truth. The creation of a foe is an essential step in the preservation of democracy. It in fact shelters the mad-men who have usurped the true meaning of democracy. “Security” is the ism which protects the corruption rather than its citizens.

Consider this. If America continues it secessionist movement and specific states revolt against the government of the day, should the leader(s) of this new movement be appointed the new leaders of the USA, specifically if China and Russia announce it to be so? In other words, what happens when the shoe is on the other foot? Should the existing leaders be executed (i.e. just like Hussein, Gaddafi).

Democracy is gradually losing its fail-safe clause because shadow governments and intelligence organizations have taken control of all policing organizations, justice systems and the government legislatures. They continue to take affirmative action to limit and exhaust any possibility of revolt. In Canada, for example, Prime Minister Harper has just criminalized the wearing of a mask during a protest, but he has not criminalized the actions of fraternities who hide behind the “veil”……I speak of Freemasonry and Illuminist traitors.

The steps that current NATO governments have taken to manipulate the masses is beyond comprehension. The silent non-responsive action by intelligent people is beyond belief. We have failed to keep ourselves safe because we have come to rely on the false doctrine of security.

Thank you,
Joseph Pede

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