Monday, November 26, 2012

Invasion of the body snatchers – It’s a matter of density

Invasion of the body snatchers – It’s a matter of density

The soul can be kidnapped and enslaved by higher dimensional beings. This does not preclude the existence of God. Higher density beings can and will interfere with the enlightenment path of the human soul. Finding the path to enlightenment is the primary work of a third density being (i.e. human beings). This is the purpose of life. The Devil, who exists on a higher plane, controls this army of alien body snatchers. The alien mission is to enslave flesh, seed it with evil and have it thrive on the lower plane for all eternity.

Aliens control the dispensation of technology to keep human beings in the third density material world. The continuum of temporary gratification brought about by the release of improved technology has allowed our spiritual essence to be traumatized and placed in a state of suspended animation. In so doing, the path to enlightenment becomes much more difficult to realize. When a soul has been completely detached from the light, it will transmigrate into a density of perpetual horror. An individual’s inability to harness the effects of technology will bring about his/her “soul destruction”. This is how the Elite will destroy 90% of humanity.

My belief is that CERN, and Tesla technology (i.e. HAARP and the Death Ray) are intended to warp time and space. In so doing, they are preparing genetically altered third density beings for the fourth density virtual world. This will also be how third density Elitists will overcome fourth density alien beings residing on this planet. The elite do not include you and me in their higher-dimensional planning. We are better known as the Eloi whose carcasses will be processed into “soylent green”. Higher dimensional beings have convinced third density humans that human sacrifice not only helps to feed the former, but also spritually strenghtens the latter.

Do you have a thick skull – LOL
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Joseph Pede

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