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Obama, Syria and Putin

Obama, Syria and Putin

In the wake of a congressional hearing into the murder of Christopher Stephens, General David Petraeus has conveniently departed the CIA’s chair of accountability. "Alternative news media" directly implicates the CIA and the White House with the attack on the Libyan embassy in Benghazi. It was no accident that Stephens was ritually sacrificed on the memorable date of 9/11 2012. It would not be surprising to see Hilary Clinton vacate her position in the near future as well. Removing the main protagonists from the "theatre of deception" will only make the enigma grow larger. Not unlike the demise of the Navy seal team that had killed the already dead and buried Bin Laden.

How can “Rex Rhetoricae” explain the murder and genocide in the Middle-East, other than to say it is an American foreign policy objective? America’s Arab allies in the overthrow of Syria, namely Saudi Arabia, Qatar and Turkey, will all meet the same future fate. The domino effect being planned for the Middle-East is intended to enslave the entire region into an extremist Islamic theocracy with absolutely no theology at its foundation.

Please take a moment to read the article I wrote March 25, 2011 foretelling of Syria’s demise:

While Obama and his controllers are trying to encapsulate the Middle East, Putin is busy insulating Russia. Putin knows full well why the British Monarchy, the Rothschild and the European central bankers assassinated the entire Romanoff royal family. This was the fulfillment of Pike and Mazzini's doomsday manifesto (i.e. the creation of Communism). Russia’s oil, gas, gold, diamond wealth and strategic control of the vast northern Artic have the Elitists salivating. The largest nuclear arsenal in world does not hurt Mr. Putin’s positioning with respect to military might. The Elite worry that the iron curtain is slowly estranging Russia from their iron grip. While Russians may be ignorant to Putin's fatherly plan, he keeps careful watch as the vampires patiently wait for the first sign of blood. Putin has and will continue to take decisive action to shield Russia from Globalism.

President Vladimir Putin on Friday reshuffled the nation’s top military brass following the defence minister’s ouster, and instructed the new top military officer to be friendlier to Russia’s defence industries.

Next week a key meeting between Putin and Merkel will take place:

IN BERLIN they still talk about Angela and Vladimir’s dog. When Chancellor Angela Merkel paid one of her visits to Russia, her team reminded the Russians that she disliked dogs. Yet when she arrived, Vladimir Putin (at the time Russia’s prime minister, now again president) kept her waiting and put his black Labrador by her chair.

It is characteristic of Mrs Merkel that she does not let personal gestures ruin diplomacy. As a former East German (and daughter of a pastor), she must have private doubts about Mr Putin, who ended his KGB career in Dresden. But she suppresses them more than Joachim Gauck, Germany’s president, also a former East German and a pastor. For Mrs Merkel, the bilateral relationship was a mostly unemotional affair about buying gas from Russia while selling German machines.

Yet that has changed, as will once again be apparent when she meets Mr Putin in Moscow for the Petersburg Dialogue next week. This forum, set up in 2001 during the Schröder-Putin days, is designed for frank exchanges between businessmen, academics and policymakers. One of the Germans travelling with Mrs Merkel is Andreas Schockenhoff, who will chair the working group on “civil society”.

Mr Schockenhoff’s presence will irritate Mr Putin. He is not only a parliamentary leader of the Christian Democrats, Mrs Merkel’s party, but also her special envoy for non-governmental Russo-German relations. Since Mr Putin became president again in May, Mr Schockenhoff has attacked his crackdown on civil society. He has criticised Mr Putin’s harassment of charities and campaigning groups, new laws against demonstrations and free speech and the jailing of two women from Pussy Riot, a punk group that staged a protest in Moscow’s main cathedral.

Russian TV and Vladimir Putin may have already set the tone for that meeting. Please read the following:

In a rare interview with Russia Today TV, President Bashar al-Assad vigorously clarified his stance on the current Syrian crisis created by the West and some regional states including Saudi Arabia, Turkey and Qatar and warned them of the apocalyptic consequences of any foreign intervention in Syria.

“I do not think the West is going [to intervene], but if they do so, nobody can tell what is next. I think the price of this [foreign] invasion if it happened is going to be more than the whole world can afford,” Assad said in a Thursday interview with the Russia Today TV network.

Assad warned that the domino effect of any military attack on the country “will affect the world from the Atlantic to the Pacific and you know the implication on the rest of the world.”

Assad is well aware of what the West and their Arab allies are up to and what kind of scenario they are planning to follow in his country.

The Syrian crisis has been dragging on for months now and a large number of people including civilians have been killed. The sabotaging efforts of the West and the financial funding of the insurgents by regional states have not yet born any fruit whatsoever in helping these antagonistic forces to achieve their goals in Syria.

There was an initial assumption that President Assad would soon conclude that a propitious escape would be the wisest choice. However, the speculation never transcended a merely idle notion. Thanks to Iran, China and Russia, Syria stood firm and a West-prescribed recipe for the so-called peaceful transition of power never materialized in the country. Quite unexpectedly, the plans of Syrian opposition fell apart on the eve of Doha conference.

The initiative so vehemently backed by the West to form a united Syrian opposition practically went to waste on Wednesday night as the key opposition movements from inside the country pulled out. Opposition groups were scheduled to meet in Doha, the capital of Qatar on Thursday in order to appoint a new and strong leadership. However, three dissident bodies suddenly decided not to attend the meeting.

“There are too many people against this initiative for it to work now,” said a Western diplomatic source in Doha.

Needless to say, the failure of the plan dealt a humiliating blow to US secretary of state Hillary Clinton who was the one to announce it so unexpectedly as well as to Britain which had strongly supported it.

It seems that the West and its regional allies are incapable of building a united front against the government of Bashar Assad.

In addition to the efforts of the West and its allies to take control of Syria, there is yet another danger which gravely threatens the country to an inconceivable degree: the influx of the jihadists into the country. Last February, al-Qaeda's leader Ayman al-Zawahiri, who is reportedly in Jordan, called on his followers in Iraq, Jordan, Lebanon and Turkey to rise up and support what he called ‘their brothers in Syria. Also, Abu Muhammad al-Tahawi, a leading figure in Jordan's Salafi-Jihadist movement, told the BBC that "jihad in Syria is obligatory for any able Muslim in order to help his brothers there."

The fact is that the al-Qaeda-affiliated Salafi-Jihadists have already swarmed into the country and are already fighting against Bashar Assad’s government; among the killed, some have been identified to belong to the Salafi cult. The grand plan is to turn Syria into a safe haven for the Salafis. Ghastly videos have recently circulated on the internet, showing the Salafi-Jihadists beheading Syrian troops and civilians in cold blood.

Parenthetically, beheading is a ritual act rather than a way of killing in war. The act of beheading contains a symbolic meaning: the victim is relegated to the degree of a beast and he should be treated likewise. Further to that, this act of brutality inspires an atmosphere of horror and commotion in the viewer and quenches the bestial thirst within the decapitator.

From an anthropological point of view, many societies used to revere the head as the seat of wisdom and consciousness and believed it must be connected to the body for the soul to travel into the hereafter. Without it, the spirit would keep wandering restlessly. Based on this perception, the act of beheading is to be taken to imply that the victim would never regain peace as his/her spirit would wander for all time to come.

After all, a display of atrocities has manifested itself in grisly different forms on the part of the insurgents in Syria. On Saturday, humanitarian organizations condemned video images of rebels executing captured Syrian soldiers after insurgents overran army checkpoints near the town of Saraqeb on the strategic highway linking Damascus and the port city of Latakia to Aleppo.

“This shocking footage depicts a potential war crime in progress, and demonstrates an utter disregard for international humanitarian law by the armed group in question,” Amnesty International said.

Rupert Colville, spokesman for UN human rights chief Navi Pillay, said this could amount to a “war crime” and that the video footage, showing soldiers pushed to the ground and kicked before being shot, can be presented as evidence.

In any event, a Syria without Assad would mean a country in the hands of the Salafi-Jihadists who will undoubtedly turn the country into a graveyard for the Alawites and the moderate Sunnis and a breeding ground for terrorism and extremism in the region. It goes without saying that the Middle East region is being systematically and consciously devoured by an act of extremism funded and promoted by Washington and some Arab regimes.

Without envisaging any foreign intervention and the domino effect it will have on the region and on the world as President Bashar Assad predicts, Syria is being eroded from within and without by different forces which have mobilized despite the rift in their ideologies but each with a unique agenda.

The tug of war in Syria has long started and there is an immediate danger of engaging the entire region in this bloody broil.

Obama’s success may not come in stabilizing the health of the American economy, but rather in de-stabilizing the entire world.

Thank you,
Joseph Pede

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