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Remember Today - Israeli Defense Forces could ignite a Middle-East Armageddon

Remember Today - Israeli Defense Forces could ignite a Middle-East Armageddon

Soon after a successful presidential election, American foreign policy is taking affirmative action in the Middle East. Obama and his entourage require a scapegoat for the upcoming congressional hearings (i.e on the Stephens assassination); an escalation in Middle-East tensions would shield key people from being asked damaging questions.

To believe that Israel will act autonomously in an attack against Syria is preposterous. To believe that Israel will attack Iran is even more absurd. The Jewish people are being used as pawns in a very sinister and orchestrated agenda.

Obama, Netanyahu, Saudi Arabia and their controllers require a “reason” to completely destabilize the Middle-East. El-Assad is doing everything to stem the violence and civil war in what was once one of the most secular and safe countries in the Middle-East. I firmly believe that bombs heading towards Israel are not Syrian shells but rather those of the rebel forces. If the globalists can’t win inside Syria, they will expose Syria to external forces via very cunning means. Israel has been waiting patiently and is very eager to push the panic button. This also comes at a time when Iran has chosen to stall the speed of their nuclear enrichment program. All hog-wash anyway, as Iran already has nuclear weapons. Please read the hottest and latest news within the region:

IDF ground forces fired a warning shot at the Syrian military on Sunday for the first time since the 1973 Yom Kippur War.

They shot the guided missile after a stray Syrian shell from civil strife in that country exploded on the Golan Heights for the second time in recent days. The shell hit as Israel suffered a barrage of missiles from Gaza, putting the IDF in the position of monitoring enemy fire along both the northern and southern borders. “In the midst of Syrian infighting, a mortar shell fired by the Syrian Army struck near an [IDF] outpost at Tel Azeka,” IDF spokesman Brig.- Gen. Yoav Mordechai said. The shell failed to cause injuries or damage. It was one of a series that hit Israeli territory.

“In light of the policy instituted by IDF chief of Staff Lt.- Gen. Benny Gantz, a warning round was fired back into Syria. We don’t believe it caused injuries or damages,” Mordechai added. The IDF fired an advanced Tapuz-type missile at a Syrian artillery cannon, military sources said.

Concurrently, Israel sent a warning message to the UN, saying that any further firing into Israel will result “in a real response.” The IDF limited its return fire to a single missile, since its policy is to only fire intensively in response to coming under major Syrian fire.

“We didn’t continue firing, because this was one mortar shell we were responding to,” the source said. “We will not accept any firing into our territory,” he added. “This was a signal to the Syrians that we will not be so forgiving of everything that lands in a territory.” The source stressed that as of now, Israel and Syria were not in a situation of conflict.

The IDF is on standby in case of security deterioration on both the northern front and on the border with Gaza. Defense Minister Ehud Barak told Army Radio, “The message has certainly been relayed. To tell you confidently that no shell will fall? I cannot. If a shell falls, we will respond.”

On Syria, Barak said: “After a number of shelling incidents into Israeli territory during recent weeks, I instructed the IDF to respond in-kind should the situation recur. Today, another mortar shell was fired from Syria, landing on an IDF outpost. The Chief of Staff ordered the IDF to return fire on the mortar outpost [from which the mortar was fired]. This was a sign to Syria that we will not tolerate shelling into our territory.”

A complaint was also lodged with UNDOF.

Syria has been in the midst of a brutal civil war for over a year, and the IDF has been instructed to prevent the battles from spilling over into our territory. Additional shelling into Israel from Syria will elicit a tougher response, exacting a higher price from Syria.

Strategic Affairs Minister Moshe Ya’alon told Arutz 7 that Israel has sent very clear messages to Syria not to let the violence spill over into Israel. He added that he believed Syrian President Bashar Assad understood the importance of keeping the border quiet.

At Sunday’s cabinet meeting, Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu said that Israel was closely following events along the Syrian border, and was prepared for all possibilities on that front.

Sunday’s scuffle came a week after three Syrian tanks entered the demilitarized zone on the Golan Heights on Saturday afternoon, and remained there for several hours into the evening. The tanks, which were involved in heavy clashes with Syrian rebels, encroached the decade-sold cease-fire line Turkey has retaliated against errant mortar shells and violent spillover from Syrian infighting in recent weeks as well.

Tovah Lazaroff and Jerusalem Post staff contributed to this report.

Britain Prepares Squads to Assassinate Assad in Syria

Saudi and Qatari funded Free Syria Army and al-Qaeda terrorists are being trained to assassinate Syrian leader Bashar al-Assad and his military leaders, the Daily Star reports today.

The newspaper reports British SAS, SBS and troops from the Special Reconnaissance Regiment are inside Syria “helping show insurgents how to use new weapons and explosives” and “train rebel assassination squads to target President Assad and his warlords.”

The British Chief of the Defense Staff, General Sir David Richards, said contingency plans are being drafted, including “limited” intervention by British troops in “areas where assistance was being provided,” the Press Association reports.

Britain considers itself a “full-spectrum player” in the Middle East. It was at the forefront of the military intervention in Libya that resulted in the death of more than 30,000 people.

The Telegraph reported on Saturday that the United States has balked at prime minister David Cameron’s proposal to further assist the FSA and al-Qaeda following reports that the CIA and MI6 supported mercenaries are killing unarmed civilians. The FSA has admitted killing civilians and captured Syrian soldiers.

According to the CIA-engineered propaganda outfit, the Voice of America, U.S. intervention in Syria is more urgent now that “extremist Islamist elements” are taking a more active role in Syria.

“The balance of forces in the Syrian opposition is such, that as time goes by and the radical Islamists are the ones who always seem to have the money and always seem to have the weapons, they will become much more dominant in terms of that opposition. That does not serve American interests and it certainly doesn’t serve the interests of stability in the region,” Dennis Ross told VOA.

Ross is a member of both the CFR and the Trilateral Commission. He works with the Washington Institute for Near East Policy, an Israel-centric think tank closely related to the American Enterprise Institute and other neocon organizations.

In September, al-Qaeda and the FSA offered a reward of $25 million for the assassination of al-Assad. Turkey’s Anadolou news agency quoted FSA commander Ahmad Hijazi as saying the money would be paid by “supporters and businessmen” abroad.

Saudi Arabia and Qatar are spending tens of millions of dollars to support the effort to depose and kill al-Assad. Military aid is brokered through Turkey and “a secretive group operates something like a command center in Istanbul, directing the distribution of vital military supplies believed to be provided by Saudi Arabia and Qatar and transported with the help of Turkish intelligence to the Syrian border and then to the rebels.”

In October, Turkey attacked Syria with artillery after Syria targeted FSA and al-Qaeda mercenaries on the border.

Kurt Nimmo, - November 11, 2012

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