Thursday, November 22, 2012

The Dream Team Soon to Depart Obama-Nation

The Dream Team Soon to Depart Obama-Nation

Rather should I say “nightmare”. The media reports that Hilary Clinton, Timothy Geithner and Ben Bernanke will not seek re-appointment to their respective roles in political anarchy.

The future for Timothy Geithner looks bright. Copy and paste LINK in a new screen.

Not bad for a guy who assisted in the demise of the American economy. Based on his record, an annual salary over one buck should be considered too much.

Hilary Clinton is said to be leaving the state department. News has it Hilary and Bill will be leaving the USA altogether. With their criminal record they should be seeking occupancy on a new planet. Copy and paste LINK in a new screen.

In ground breaking news, well known government insider Steve Pieczenik stated that Hilary Clinton ordered the kill on American Ambassador Christopher Stephens - this in attempt to escalate Middle-East tensions.

Ben Bernanke has cited his own exit strategy. Copy and paste LINK in a new screen.

Now that the Federal Reserve has accomplished its task of bankrupting the world Bernanke can retire in Israel.

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Joseph Pede

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