Sunday, November 4, 2012

The Soul

The Soul

The physical body is simply a conductor for spiritual energy (i.e. soul). The cadaver assists in the manifestation of our three dimensional being while we are stationed on the Earth’s three dimensional plane. When the soul departs this level of existence it may enter into one that is similar, or one that requires less visible quantifiable support. The departed soul travels in a continuum of dimensions seeking a plane in which it finds compatibility. As the soul travels more and more beyond the material dimensions it draws itself nearer to the principal Architect of Creation.

While worm holes provide souls two-way travel from one dimensional plane to another, black holes become one way streets. When a soul enters a black hole, it goes through a process of transfiguration and can no longer return to its original dimensional plane.

Consciousness is the accumulated life experience of the five senses. These experiences are stored in the soul via recurring reincarnations. The sixth sense is the soul’s guide into the various dimensional planes after death. The seventh sense, which stores the soul’s holographic properties, navigates all the senses towards a singularity. The sixth sense may be viewed as the ship’s sails, and the seventh sense the ship’s wheel.

Souls may linger in their most recent dimensional plane to observe and evaluate the success of their most recent existence. This hiatus allows the soul to prepare, plan and decide on its next plane of existence. Some souls will wait for their friends and family before they proceed. They may choose to re-incarnate together. This is why people attract to one another for unknown reasons. A misdirected or confused soul will dawdle in its post-death state until it becomes aware of its predicament (i.e. death). The latter are ghosts.

Light has significant influence on the soul’s travels. It has been scientifically proven that light is both a particle and a wave. We can make the following conclusions with respect to light:

a) Light was given life at the instance of creation.
b) With an expanding universe, the speed of light slows (i.e. gravitational forces have created an opposing obstacle to light’s speed). The speed of light based on current scientific facts may be completely incorrect. As the speed of light slows the age of the universe may be significantly shorter than current science calculates.
c) Light is energy, and the soul is energy. Thus the soul is light.

So is it possible to conclude that the soul is both a particle and wave? Does the binary make-up of light provide a clue to creation? Could the wave be a vessel and the particle the soul?

James Corso, when referring to space travel and alien beings, introduced the concept of density. Density prohibits certain souls from existing on a specific plane. Density could be considered a dimensional guardian or a creation force which transmigrates evil into lower dimensional planes of existence (i.e. demons). Likewise, density could prevent higher beings from accessing lower planes of existence.

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