Saturday, December 8, 2012

Happy Hanukka and Merry Christmas

Happy Hanukka and Merry Christmas

A special Happy Hanukkah greeting to Victor and Russel. Man can you guys stretch out a holiday. Victor, I am still waiting for my painting. I'll have you know I went to Haymishe Bagel Shop today and could not buy my cheery cheese buns. The bakery was packed. Jews should shop at Italian bakeries during Hanukkah. It might take me nine days before I can buy a cheese bun - crazy.

Merry Christmas to my Gentile friends.

Everyone else, hang in there. Your holiday is slowy approaching.

Cheers and believe in God,
Joseph Pede

For everyone's benefit. Haymishe Bakery (in Toronto) makes the best bagels and bread. When you enter the store you are greeted by at least four older Jewish women. If you walk in and ask for 6 bagels you walk out with bagels, bread, cookies, soup, sandwich and a refrigerator. If you are single, you might end up with an introduction to a nice Jewish girl. They're that good - lol.

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