Saturday, December 1, 2012

Harper & Baird: Guilty of Inciting Hate and Terrorism

Harper & Baird: Guilty of Inciting Hate and Terrorism

Oh Canada, where have gone the days when our country was seen as a model of compassion and peace-keeping?

The Harper government has sodomized everything good about Canadian foreign policy. To akin our political decision-making to a war mongering country such as the United States is a travesty. To support a genocidal maniac like Netanyahu is a far greater mistake. I do not believe the vast majority of Jews seek war. The state of Israel is being thrown into a dangerous game of cat and mouse by a Zionist fool.

The provocation and destabilization in the Middle-East is not about an Arab-Jewish conflict. It is about Russia, China and “OIL”. If they want us to believe that Jerusalem is at the heart of this struggle, then make Jerusalem an independent republic ruled by a synod of Christians, Muslims and Jews - a mini Vatican if you like.

What good is the political rhetoric (i.e. to want democracy and freedom for the people of the Middle-East) if our actions promote indifference and exclusion?

Harper continues to endanger Canadians residing in the Middle-East, continues to create international enemies and will ultimately endanger the citizens of Canada. This type of foreign policy decision-making will bring hostility and retaliation to our shores. Not to mention that it will cast a shadow and enflame the Arab-Jewish divide in our own country.

Terrorism is not the device of angry men but rather false-flag events devised by intelligence organizations. I certainly hope Mr. Harper has not set the wheels in motion to make Canada a target of deception and endanger Canadian lives. Baird does not represent the views of Canada. He is a dangerous, egotistical and hateful man. Get rid of this cancer.

Thank you,
Joseph Pede

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