Saturday, December 8, 2012

Nexen - Harper Checks Russia in a Game of Political Chess

Nexen - Harper Checks Russia in a Game of Political Chess

If you read my commentary of November 15, 2012 entitled “China: It’s Time to Gaza-up-your vehicle” (the LINK is shown below) then you could conclude that the Harper government has just politically checked Russia.

Allowing China to invest billions of dollars in the Canadian energy sector, means that China, will be much less dependent on Russian energy products. This was a geo-political move and Harper has just queened the Russian king (i.e. Putin). As of 2012, Russia had the largest oil reserves in the world. The British Monarchy, the Rothschild, and the Cabal of European central bankers accomplished the same feat when they assassinated the entire Russian Romanov royal family and Rasputin. The over-throw of the Russian Tsars was about oil as well.

The Harper government gently shook hands with China, and then shook the foundations of China-Russian diplomacy. Please remember that China and Russia have a vested interest in Syria and Iran. What could this possibly mean for the future of Syria and Iran if China stands downs in the wake of a NATO or Anglo-American attack of these two countries?

The latest propaganda from the U.S. government (primarily Obama and Clinton) has al-Assad preparing his arsenal of chemical weapons. The warnings lack complete substance and are intended to prime Syria for a NATO attack. North American and European citizens are complete and utter fools for believing this nonsense. It is no different than the fictitious weapons of mass destruction that Hussein never had. In this case the weapons are real, but there deployment is complete fantasy. An attack by NATO would be the only trigger for their deployment – it would then become a catch 22 for Syria.

In addition, Harper has just tested the buoyancy of the BRICS union and the BRICS drive to over-throw the U.S. petro dollar as the global reserve currency. There is a plan afoot to replace the petro-dollar with an Asian gold-backed reserve currency. It’s amazing how Harper just threw a wrench into the global playing field. The timing of the Nexen announcement could not be more perfect – I speak of Syrian solution. Harper did not do this alone. The globalists are firmly rooted in Canada.

Timing is everything. Thank you,
Joseph Pede

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